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On April 13, 2017, the 9th China (Jiangsu) International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition was held in Nanjing. As a service provider for the overall solution of agricultural production mechanization, Zoomlion appeared with innovative products such as tractors, grain combine harvesters, straw balers and dryers. At the exhibition site, a touch of Aurora green became a beautiful scenic spot of the exhibition, which was widely concerned by large grain growers, Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and other delegates

Zoomlion shines at the 2017 Jiangsu International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

the exhibition site

Zoomlion products are favored

the pl2304 power shift tractor independently developed by Zoomlion is highly intelligent, with full electro-hydraulic control and fault self diagnosis functions. It can directly feed back the fault phenomenon through the fault code, and then convert the purified syngas into methanol. Satellite navigation and automatic driving functions are optional, It can match large-scale and high-end agricultural machines and tools for large-scale and accurate operation. To meet the needs of paddy field cultivation, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. launched rh1004 tractor, which has strong power, high reliability, comfortable driving, small turning radius and flexible turning; Unique waterproof system is adopted, with good waterproof effect

Zoomlion agricultural machinery products

in recent years, grain combine harvesters have begun to develop in the direction of large-scale and multi-function. Zoomlion tb80g wheeled grain combine harvester, PL50 crawler grain combine harvester and other series of products can harvest power start (green) wheat, paddy rice, rape, corn grain, soybean, sorghum, millet and other crops, and the user income is better

customers understand the products

a touch of Aurora Green has become a beautiful scenic spot in the exhibition

dressed up for appearance

Zoomlion dc150 and DC300 dryer series products adopt thin-layer large air volume cross flow drying process and unique air inlet system design, which greatly improves the drying efficiency; The key is to use the correct world outlook, outlook on life, values to guide their choice of imported moisture meter, to achieve real-time and high-precision moisture monitoring. In order to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of straw, the 9yf-2000 baler launched by Zoomlion adopts a mid mounted herringbone reinforced traction frame, which can realize 360 ° all terrain traction; Equipped with enhanced feeding chamber and European technology heavy D-type knotter, it has higher reliability and can meet the needs of wheat, rice, corn and other straw bundling

overseas guests learned about Zoomlion agricultural machinery products

careful study

as a major agricultural province and agricultural mechanization province in China, in recent years, new agricultural business entities such as agricultural cooperatives and family farms have been emerging in Jiangsu Province, and large and efficient agricultural equipment has also been favored. At this exhibition, the agricultural machinery products exhibited by Zoomlion were not only "high-end and sophisticated", but also a number of innovative and upgraded technologies were very suitable for the needs of modern agricultural production. They were favored by agricultural cooperatives, Grain Growers, new professional farmers and agricultural machinery users in Jiangsu Province and from all over the country

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