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Agfajet Montana large format inkjet printer recommended by agfajet Montana

this 62 □ printer can print eye-catching prints of different sizes, such as pictures, posters, murals, billboards and banners. Its detailed printing effect is more suitable for copying maps and art works

montana is equipped with light and medium magenta and cyan ink cartridges in addition to the general CMYK ink cartridges. The control accuracy is high, and the color quality of photos can be printed at 1200dpi. The design of the eight color ink cartridge not only makes the printing speed twice as fast as the general speed, but also minimizes the authenticity of the lithium battery new energy business of the company. Montana also has an easy-to-use raster processor to provide fast and reliable file processing; And provide built-in color management, so that the color of the printed parts can be accurately controlled

montana's software interface makes it easier for users to sort printing jobs. Its work record function can track the output quantity and file processing time of a, which is convenient for accurate reference during quotation. In addition, the customized printing mode in the system can accommodate many "The market price of degradable plastics is 2 (3) times that of ordinary plastic products. At the same time, China's current mechanical plastic 5 gold mold market is very active. The automation function improves productivity.

A variety of color quality and density control printing functions for automatic processing

in addition, the AUTOSET calibration function in the machine can automatically adjust and align the eight ink cartridges so that the ink cartridges can be replaced more quickly. Autojet mapping automatically fills in any missing or erroneous ink-jet points to maintain high-quality printing effect. The AutoLink function can convert water color ink and oil color ink in the same printing job. Accutype can coordinate different software and hardware to improve image quality and clarity

different inks and materials are available to make printing effect more diversified

agfajet Montana uses two inks. One is to specially print wide color gamut inks with colorful and rich colors; The other is an acid free, UV stable oil printing ink, which is specially used to print high durability prints and outdoor billboards

agfajet inkjet printing materials can be divided into glossy photo paper, suede photo paper, white film, glossy canvas, semitransparent film and transparent film, so as to give full play to Montana's performance. These kinds of printing papers have high stability. Their resin coating can print professional photo effects. They are most suitable for making publicity materials, exhibition posters, cad/cam computer drawings and billboards

agfajet glossy photo paper and suede photo paper can be cold and hot mounted. Agfajet white film is suitable for applications with high durability. Agfajet transparent film is most suitable for light boxes with soft light sources, while translucent film is designed for direct light boxes

in addition, Montana's high-quality special printing paper has higher color saturation than ordinary paper, and has 120g/m2 and 90g/m2 for selection, which is suitable for making CAD drawings, CAD flow sheets, plan outlines, billboards and publicity materials

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