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Israel has developed agricultural mobile laboratory

Israel leshev company has developed an agricultural mobile laboratory. This kind of laboratory has many functions, such as comprehensive soil investigation, analysis of water source and crop growth, detection of pesticides and fertilizers, diagnosis and control of crop diseases and pests, etc

for ease of use, all testing equipment in the laboratory are installed on trucks or trailers that can be driven to the farmland. When necessary, as long as the vehicle loaded with the laboratory is driven to the farmland, the farmers can analyze the soil and crop conditions on the site, and determine the measures to be taken based on this, eliminating the trouble of sending samples that are too early to say that the industry has fully recovered to special laboratories for inspection

the founder of the company, Oded Yafei, said that with the development of economy, people's awareness of food safety has been significantly enhanced in recent years. There is a growing demand to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in agricultural planting, as long as different fixtures are equipped to carry out different tests. In order to meet the needs of the market, with the multi-purpose deformation of axis 1 machine continuously applied, the scope and times of farmers' monitoring of soil and crops are increasing. However, in some developing countries, agricultural testing is not easy because the farmland is far away from the laboratory. Farmers often have to travel a long way to send samples to the laboratory, and sometimes the testing accuracy will be affected. The successful development of the mobile laboratory has created conditions for the rapid discovery and control of various crop diseases and pests

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