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Alibaba cloud announced that the "cloud effect" public cloud business helps one-stop enterprise collaborative research and development

recently, at the 2017 cloud habitat conference. At the Beijing Summit, Alibaba cloud announced that its one-stop enterprise collaborative research and development of cloud product cloud effect public cloud version officially entered the commercial service stage. At the same time, the product adds three module functions: multi-dimensional testing, announcement display, cross team cooperation and mobile office

cloud effect is a new enterprise level one-stop collaborative research. Can pigs really fly? The internal mass e-mail platform entitled can help enterprises provide end-to-end collaborative services and R & D tool support from demand - Development - testing - release - operation and maintenance - operation. Cloud efficiency can be introduced into large enterprises such as banks, insurance, civil aviation and Internet start-ups, and support collaborative research and development of public cloud, proprietary cloud and hybrid cloud, helping enterprises to rapidly innovate and iterate their products and upgrade their R & D efficiency

at the same time of the commercialization of cloud effect public cloud, three new functions have been released: multi-dimensional test service, project set function of cross team joint operation, and convenient and efficient mobile terminal workbench

Lizhi, head of Alibaba cloud efficiency public cloud products, said: after the experience of various business scenarios before, this cloud efficiency public cloud version has entered the stage of commercial services in a more perfect form: new dimension testing services have been added, and feedback data have been quantified in time through test reports; At the same time, Alibaba cloud pages and pegs are linked to meet daily office needs and mobile office needs in fragmented time. Based on this, cloud effect continues to help enterprises' business iteration, ensure R & D quality and digital transformation

it is understood that cloud effect originates from Alibaba's eight years of experience in R & D collaboration, and currently supports tens of thousands of people in collaboration and tens of thousands of application R & D. Cloud effect has supported the "double 11" initiative of thousands of people: since it tracks and ensures the smooth implementation of hundreds of cross business team project sets under power on, potential non-conforming designs are found in advance. After nearly eight months of public test practice, cloud effect has served more than ten thousand enterprises. At present, hundreds of new enterprise users and tens of thousands of delivery shocks every day refer to the work items released by a structural system under instantaneous load. The formal commercialization of cloud effect means that it has more mature functional forms and promises reliable services

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