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[Erica whole house customization] Nowadays, many people like to design desk and bookcase combinations at home, which can not only enhance the indoor decorative effect, but also significantly increase the storage space, and more importantly, facilitate people's daily life

combined design of bookcase and desk

in this combined design of bookcase and desk, the designer adopts a novel mode. The bookcase adopts a semi open design, and the desk is placed at a right angle to the wall. The overall design brings a simple effect to the interior, which looks clean and generous, and the space occupied is not very large

combined design of bookcase, desk and bench cabinet

some designers, in order to make the overall effect of the interior stronger, design a matching bench cabinet while designing bookcases and desks. The design of this bookcase, desk and stool cabinet is often used in a small study, and the increased storage space is also very much

combined design of bookcase, desk and tatami

it is very good to match a matching tatami in the study. From the above effect picture, we can see that tatami can not only exist as a powerful storage space, but also lie on it for a while after reading. It is very useful

is it practical to put desks and bookcases indoors

1. When designing their own small-area new houses, many people will put a suitable combination of desks and bookcases, so that the indoor corner space can be reasonably used, so that the storage space becomes larger, and the overall effect is also very good

2. Design a desk and bookcase combination indoors to make the indoor environment more harmonious. Under the condition of ensuring the indoor beauty, the practicability is greatly enhanced

3. In daily life, we need to have our own space to deal with daily work. Therefore, designing a desk and bookcase combination can not only store daily work materials, but also provide a perfect office environment





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