A simple and practical method of wallpaper pasting

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1、 Observe the splicing method. Whether imported or domestic wallpaper, the splicing of all Wallpapers should be horizontal and vertical after pasting. We can judge from this by observing whether the patterns and patterns at the splicing are consistent, without leaving the seam, overlapping or showing the seam

II. Pasting hand touch. The wall paper and wallpaper after pasting should keep the surface flat and consistent in color, so that it should not have ripple ups and downs, bubbles, cracks, folds, stains and other problems, and there should be no glue marks when squinting. We can touch it to check whether it is qualified

III. color difference visual method. For the acceptance of color difference of high-grade wallpaper, visual inspection is usually carried out under the condition of sufficient light. If necessary, standard light source box can be used for inspection, and at the construction site, we can inspect it according to the color difference it produces




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