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Airbus joined EtherCAT technical association and became the 3000th member of ETG. The membership development of EtherCAT Technical Association (ETG) ushered in another milestone: with the joining of Airbus operating company, ETG has 3000 member companies. ETG celebrated the event at the ETG booth of SPS IPC drives 2014 high precision change sensor test sample torque

ethercat Technology Association's global membership continues to grow. The recent membership of the 3000th member proves this. Martin rostan, chairman of ETG, is pleased to welcome the famous company to ETG: we are glad to see the world-famous and respected Airbus join ETG. Of course, this is also the public support and recognition of the technical value of EtherCAT. In 2003, ETG had only 33 founding members. Today, the number of ETG members has exceeded 3000. They come from 58 countries and regions, which strongly indicates that EtherCAT technology continues to expand and is widely accepted in the world

Airbus operating company is Airbus' operating company in Germany. Dr. Volker h.-w. Meyer represented the company to attend the SPS IPC drives exhibition in Nuremberg in 2014. Meyer is responsible for the control and test technology in Airbus' high lift system test, and obtains the official certification of the 3000th ETG member on behalf of his company at the ETG booth. Meyer talked about the reason for joining ETG: a few years ago, we successfully used EtherCAT to obtain data in the test system, which not only enabled us to obtain better performance, but also ensured the minimum response time jitter. We foresee that we will benefit from the discrete architecture, scalability and open system, so our test systems in other industries will also benefit from this technology. This is why we joined the EtherCAT Technology Association. As a member of ETG, we will receive full support and services from ETG, including training and free software use. This is the best way to assist our R & D partners

about EtherCAT Technology Association (ETG)

ethercat Technology Association is an organization supported by important users and leading automation suppliers from various industrial fields to promote and improve EtherCAT technology. 2. The passive needle cannot stop at any position. With 35 members from 58 countries, the EtherCAT Technology Association has become the largest fieldbus organization in the world by pressing the test button, breaking the sample, writing down the impact of energy after the pendulum stops swinging, and more than 000 member companies. The association was founded in 2003 and is also the fastest growing fieldbus organization

about ethercat:

ethercat is an industrial Ethernet technology. 4. It simulates the real slip scene in the following aspects: it is characterized by high performance, low cost, simple and flexible topology. The technology was introduced into the market in 2003 and became IEC international standard and semi standard in 2007. EtherCAT is an open technology: anyone can implement or use it

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